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Get the Merlin Results Radar™ app today and discover how to capture winning football treble bets at well under the mathematical odds.

Use this UNIQUE dedicated tool to WIN treble bets even when you get the outcome of TWO of your three game predictions TOTALLY WRONG!

"A very impressive bit of kit..."
Clive Keeling,
What Really Wins Money (WRWM)

"I have this, and for those thinking about getting it, well, it does work.
It’s a clever bit of kit, it must have taken a hell of a long time to create.
If you take your time, learn, start with low stakes and get confident, you can make a lot of cash with this. I keep switching bookies to keep them off my back, no problems.
Arthur [Cashmaster] made about £140 in a week when he reviewed it couple years ago. You can make a hell of a lot more once you get into it.
I’m not bragging, but this little bit of kit paid for a new car in under a year, not bad eh?"

"I made just shy of £140 during the week where I was playing around with this looking at the mechanics of the application.
The application is easy to use, it takes about 10-15 minutes to research the matches, input the odds and place the bets...this should be a useful addition to your betting portfolio."
Arthur, CashMaster

"I like the look of this very much, right up my street, I love methodical/mathematical systems.
I didn't want to jump in too early, however last night I tried a little dry run on 3 French games which I thought would all be home wins. Merlin gave me 7 trebles which I notionally put £3 on each one.
The actual matches ended 1,X,2, which was covered by Merlin, not only that it was the highest return possible of £91.17 giving a profit of £70.17 !!"
Trevor A.

"The idea is that if you can correctly pick out one winning leg of the treble, Merlin will calculate the correct combinations for all three games to ensure you make a profit.
We gave it a go using our own researched selections to see if it checked out. We were amazed with the results, banking 47.82 points profit in less than two months. We were happy to give Merlin a PASS!"
Laura, Goal Profits

Please note: All of the customer reviews published on this page are genuine and were voluntarily supplied. None of the writers received any form of payment.

From: Donald Hunting

I should make it clear that what follows is nothing short of astounding; and you could be forgiven if, at first, you think it couldn't possibly be true.

Let me begin by introducing my exceptional and uniquely different sports betting app, Merlin, which can elevate your treble betting performance far beyond all normal expectations.

Merlin is a treble bet game-changer. So-much-so that, for the first time in living memory, you now have a real opportunity to beat the bookies at their own game.

I WARN YOU NOW that what follows may well challenge everything you've ever believed possible with the treble bet!

But that's all right because I can prove every word.

What's more, accept my invitation and you'll see for yourself that everything I say is correct in every detail.

So, without further ado, let's make a start
on this fascinating revelation...

It's no secret that, since the beginning of gambling, bookies have had the odds stacked in their favour.

But you don't have to put up with that any more.

And let me be perfectly clear right now that this isn't anything to do with arbitrage betting!

It's true to say that there are those who think any form of gambling is too risky, too speculative, and that it's only the bookmakers who ever win in the long term.

And just a few years ago I might have agreed with them.

But that was before I happened to stumble across a powerful mathematical law which proved beyond all reasonable doubt that it is possible to profit at the bookmakers' expense.

Yet, right from the outset, it was abundantly clear that trying to execute the multiple calculations using pencil and paper was an insanely huge task that could take forever and was fraught with the ever present risk of making input errors. It seemed to me that the only way forward was to automate the procedure.

Happily, I have a certain technical ability and I set about turning this amazing discovery into a user-friendly Excel spreadsheet app.

I tell you, it took some time. And, yes, there were hurdles to overcome along the way but after some months of painstaking endeavour—often working late into the night—Merlin was finally a reality.

So, what does Merlin actually do?

Using the mathematical law I mentioned earlier, Merlin turns an otherwise impossibly tedious, laborious and time-consuming grind into a simple 'push button' exercise.

Which means...

You are now in the incredible position of being able to place
sports treble bets which have the potential to always win.
And, what's more, to calculate them at speed.

The potential to ALWAYS WIN???

Surely that can't be right, can it?

Yes, it can... and I can prove it!

But there is a condition—just ONE.

And that condition is this: Merlin requires you to input the part-correct data it needs.

That's it!

That's the ONLY thing you have to do.

And every time you do that...

Merlin calculates WINNING
treble bets for you—WITHOUT FAIL!

How amazing is that?

OK—you'll remember I warned you at the outset that you might find my claims hard to let me explain what part-correct data is, how you get it, and why it's important.

Supposing you walked along any main street and asked the first hundred people you met to forecast the results of a dozen soccer matches, what would you have?

Well, for a start, you'd have 100 lines.

And you could expect two things...

1. It's unlikely there'd be a totally correct forecast amongst them. The odds are overwhelmingly against it.

2. Not many of the forecasts would be totally wrong. Most would correctly predict the result of one or two of the matches. The odds are overwhelmingly in favour of that.

Which means the totally correct result would be scattered in bits across several of the 100 lines and, though possible, is unlikely to be found in any one single line.

So now you have some definite data to work with, which has nothing to do with complicated league tables or form.

What you have, in fact, is part-correct data.

You see, at its simplest, part-correct data need be nothing more than taking any three matches together as a group and using your skill and judgement to predict the win, lose, or draw outcome of each game. We're not interested in goals scored; only whether it's a home win, an away win or a draw.

Alternatively, you could use the opinion of expert tipsters.

The key point to note, no matter which method you use, is that you personally need to correctly predict the final outcome of JUST ONE of the three matches in your treble bet to give you the required part-correct data for Merlin.

So, then, just to be absolutely clear...

When ONE of your three game predictions is CORRECT and the other two are WRONG or when TWO of your predictions are CORRECT and the third is WRONG, you have your part-correct data.

And that's all Merlin needs to give you
a guaranteed winning treble bet. Every time!

No form!

No tables!

Just part-correct data.

But surely a treble bet needs to have the results of all three games correct in order to win?


And right there is where the Merlin 'magic' begins!

You simply enter your part-correct data into Merlin, and in return Merlin gives you the fully correct result for all three games—instantly.

Every time!


Heck, no! Of course it isn't.

But you could say it's the next best thing.

You see, Merlin knows all the possible winning combinations for a treble bet.

All of them!

And after instantly analysing your input data Merlin also knows which of those possible outcomes could NEVER HAPPEN when your input data is part-correct.

Let's take an example.

Let's say you've selected your three games for the treble and you predict that they could respectively result in a home win (1), an away win (2) and a draw (X). You key your 12X prediction into Merlin using the dedicated input panel.

But because you can't be certain you're completely correct, you tell Merlin that you think the three games could also end in, say, 1XX. And you enter that combination as well.

Still uncertain, you go on to tell Merlin you reckon the three games could also possibly end as either 211 or 122.

So you've given Merlin four different ways in which you feel each of the three games could end: 12X, 1XX, 211 and 122.

And here they are entered into Merlin...

And let's say, for the sake of illustration, the actual outcome of the three games in question turns out to be 1X1.

Now, as you can see, none of the four treble bet predictions you entered into Merlin is completely correct compared to the 1X1 actual outcome but if you look carefully you'll see three of them—columns A, C and D—each have one result which matches part of the winning 1X1 outcome, and column B has two results which match part of the 1X1 outcome.

In other words each of the four predictions, entered into
columns A, B, C and D, is part-correct.

And because of that part-correctness in each of the four input columns A, B, C and D, Merlin captures the 1X1 winning treble. You'll see a screenshot of that in just a moment.

But had you NOT been using Merlin and had placed all four of your predicted outcomes as treble bets in their own right, every one of them would have lost.


So, that is part-correct data—and every time you give it to Merlin, Merlin will capture the winning treble bet for you.


Incidentally, it doesn't need to be the same game in each column that you correctly predict—any of them will do.

You'll remember I said a moment or two ago that Merlin knows which of the possible treble bet outcomes could never occur when the data you've input is part-correct.

And that means Merlin also knows the only possible outcomes which COULD ACTUALLY HAPPEN when your input data is part-correct.

In other words, when there's part-correct data in each of the input columns A, B, C and D, the group of treble bets Merlin isolates for you MUST INCLUDE THE WINNING TREBLE.

And in the example four columns of treble bet predictions shown in the screenshot image above, Merlin determines there are only six possible potential winning treble bet outcomes...and because each of the four columns contains at least one part-correct outcome, ONE of Merlin's six recommended treble bets MUST BE the OUTRIGHT WINNER.

In this example, Merlin's recommended bets are...

111, 112, 11X, 121, 1X1, 22X.

In the next screenshot you can see how Merlin clearly highlights the recommended six trebles which, in column G, includes the winning result of 1X1.

The stake in this example is one betting point for each of the six trebles—that's one unit of your betting bank currency—giving a modest total stake of just six points to cover all the bets:

The key point to note is that when each of the treble bet predictions you enter contains part-correct data, the group of bets Merlin recommends will ALWAYS include the winning bet.

In those circumstances, Merlin simply cannot fail to deliver the winner.

Of course, you won't know in advance which one of the small group of treble bets Merlin isolates for you will be the actual winner. It could be any of them, so you need to bet them all.

And, as shown in the above screenshot, Merlin also displays how profitable—or not—each of the recommended treble bets would be if it were to be the winner.

That means you always know where your profit stands before you place your bets.

So you see, it's not magic at all.

But it is pretty impressive, isn't it?

And the underlying mathematical rule works in your favour whenever you give Merlin the required minimum of one correctly predicted outcome in every group of three-game predictions you enter.

I repeat...

In those circumstances, Merlin
simply cannot fail to deliver the winner

So, the question is this...

Using your own skill and judgement—or the forecasts of on-line and off-line sports betting experts whose tips are known to often be part-correct—could you predict one game's correct win, lose or draw outcome in any group of three games you enter into Merlin's four input columns A, B, C and D?

Because when you do just that, Merlin always finds the other two
correct results to give you an outright winning treble.

And I mean, always!

Ask long-term user, Tony Glew.

He bought Merlin twice.

Here's why...

At the time I was away and off-line for a couple of days and when I got back there was a message from Tony waiting for me...

"Hello Don. Hope everything's OK for you. It's a long time since we spoke. The reason for this email is that I have been hit by a virus sent by some mindless moron and I have lost virtually everything I had installed on my pc (including Merlin). Therefore is there any chance you could send me another to download please?"
Tony Glew

Tony had been one of the first to buy Merlin when it was launched two or three years earlier.

I replied that I was happy to give him a free replacement.

He wrote back...

"Thanks for the reply... As regards Merlin, I decided yesterday that I was lost without it and so purchased it again... so now there is no need for the replacement!"
Tony Glew

The point being, to put his money down on Merlin TWICE has surely got to be the ultimate independent declaration of satisfaction that Merlin does precisely what I've described here.

But we both know there's only one way for you to be sure—and that's to take the bull by the horns and claim your copy of the app right now.

Do that and check it out for 30 days without any obligation to keep it.

And if it's not for you, let me know within the 30 days refund guarantee period and I'll return your payment in full.


When you use the app, you personally DON'T NEED to get the outcome of ALL THREE of your selections correct—all you have to do is to get JUST ONE of the three right and Merlin will do the rest!

It's why long-term user Tony Glew was, in his own words, "Lost without it." And why he bought Merlin not just once, but TWICE.

And experienced Merlin user Gerry, in his testimonial displayed at the head of this page and also repeated here, manages to say it all in just a handful of words:

"I have this, and for those thinking about getting it, well, it does work.
It’s a clever bit of kit, it must have taken a hell of a long time to create.
If you take your time, learn, start with low stakes and get confident, you can make a lot of cash with this. I keep switching bookies to keep them off my back, no problems.
Arthur [Cashmaster] made about £140 in a week when he reviewed it couple years ago. You can make a hell of a lot more once you get into it.
I’m not bragging, but this little bit of kit paid for a new car in under a year, not bad eh?"

Make no mistake, Gerry's excellent advice about the correct way to start using Merlin is priceless and I recommend you follow it to the letter.

So, what do you say?

Time for a new car, perhaps?

Click now on the order button below to step into the
world of 'magical' Merlin's unique accumulator bet,
and take your treble betting to the next level.

Comes complete with comprehensive user guide and examples of use. Includes details (page 8) on how to use the previous results of actual games to prove conclusively that when you enter part-correct data Merlin really does always find the winner.

No quibble refund guarantee!

Immediate download.

Best wishes,
Donald Hunting

PS. Merlin isn't a mobile device app. It runs only on your desktop or laptop computer. You need Microsoft's Excel 2007 or later spreadsheet program installed on your computer to use Merlin. Please note that online versions of Excel are unable to run Merlin.

PPS. Merlin works with any two decimal place currency.

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