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New dutching calculator. Back Up To Six Horses In A Race To
Make A Profit Whichever Wins!

This easy-to-use dutching calculator is your hassle-free lazy way to profit from dutching bets in a wide variety of sporting and other events - not just the horses. Simply enter the odds and the return you'd like... that's all there is to it!

From: Donald Hunting

Call it what you like... but I go into irritation overdrive whenever I see the 'racing gurus' deliberately complicating multiple-bet dutching - the strategy of betting on two or more contestants in a horse race or other competitive event.

You see, I KNOW there's nothing difficult about calculating dutching bets for horse races or, for that matter, many other sporting and non-sporting events - when you have the Multi-Bet Master dutching calculator to hand.

Give me just a few minutes of your valuable
time and I'll prove it to you here and now.

If ever you've yearned for an easier, safer, quicker way to capture the winner in horse racing, dog racing, athletics, golf, tennis, snooker, pool, darts, the Oscar Awards, or any other event where the outcome is a straight win or lose situation, without your having to get involved in all that balls-aching stuff about the track, the 'going', the jockey's weight, the weather, what colour socks the trainer is wearing, the racquet, the dress, the perfume... and so on and so forth until you give it all up as a bad job... then this letter is for you.

It's for you if you're a battle-hardened betting veteran looking to significantly improve your strike-rate... it's for you if you're one of the hundreds of thousands of folk around the globe who just want a low-risk way to bet every now and again with a real chance of pocketing a bit of useful cash. It's for you if you want the simplest possible means of capturing the winning contestant, using NOTHING MORE than the odds and an estimate of the amount of winnings you'd like.

Call off the search right now because when it
comes to betting to win, this is as easy
as it gets... and it's very effective.

Over the past few months I've been developing a special dutching calculator spreadsheet tool that requires you to input only the odds and your projected return.

The end result is a brand new, simple to use,
no-bull product called Multi-Bet Master.

It's a product that will empower you to rake in regular profits from your dutching activities... even if you're starting out with just small stakes.

And, please note, the betting industry has no interest in your background, your religion, your sex, your colour, or any of the myriad other perceived hang-ups that often make people believe, " I can't do that."

Using the Multi-Bet Master dutching calculator you CAN capture the winner and make a profit, irrespective of any outside factors.

And you certainly don't need to know much about computers. A basic ability to start one up and click a mouse is just about it.

Let's pause here a moment to emphasise why you
should take a serious look at Multi-Bet Master...

  • You need absolutely no special skills, education, or knowledge to use this amazing dutching calculator. I've broken everything down into just a handful of straight forward steps. Easy to use? Take it from me, this is child's play!

  • It doesn't matter a jot if you know nothing about dutching.

  • You can get started even if you can afford to place only small stakes. In fact, that's the best way for you to begin.

  • You can spend as little or as much time as you wish doing this, so you can readily organise things around your work or other activities. Pick it up and put it down, just as the mood takes you.

  • Use Multi-Bet Master to vastly improve your chances of capturing the winner in ALL horse races, in ALL weathers, and on ALL track types including turf and sand... anywhere in the world, anytime you like. And you can use it equally as effectively to combine up to six contestants in just about any other competitive event imaginable, sporting and non-sporting.

All you need to get started is a home computer, an Internet connection and the willingness to push the button on the simple step-by-step instructions you get.

Here's what it's all about...

Bookmakers build a guaranteed profit margin (or 'over-round') into every competitive event. They set the odds so that, whichever contestant wins, they still make an overall profit.

But there's rather more to it than that. The reason bookmakers can create a profitable 'over-round' book is that they take bets on ALL runners in a race AND they engineer the odds to give them that overall profitable 'over-round' book. In other words, they pretty well sew it all up to their advantage and to your disadvantage. You're playing their game with their rules and whilst you do so, you're always likely to come off second best in the long run.

Most punters rely upon getting a big win against the odds to make a profit. That's precisely why the majority end up broke most of the time. But bookmakers don't do that. No way! They make a relatively small but reliable percentage return from every race, and grow rich in the process.

See the difference? Punters take a high risk gamble and often lose their shirt... whereas bookies run a low-risk business and become wealthy!

So what is the way forward for YOU as a lone punter, up against the skill and financial might of the bookmakers? And how can you successfully play them at their own game to walk away, like them, with a lower risk and relatively smaller but more regular profit?

Quite simply… you must position your betting strategy as close as possible to their wide-net business model! You have to use a procedure that will significantly reduce your betting risk in order to markedly increase your chances of winning. And there's only one way you can do that... you need to bet on as many of the contestants as possible. In other words, you need to use a reliable dutching strategy.

Do you see the similarity to the way bookmakers operate? They don't pin their hopes for a profit on just one horse, one dog, or one player - if they did, they'd be no more successful than the average mug punter. So why should you unnecessarily jeopardise your money, playing into their hands by taking the sort of risk they flatly refuse to take?

Are you beginning to see where we're going with this?

Now, here's the thing… the technique of backing several contestants in a competitive event has an inherent problem. It is this… its success depends heavily upon your getting your sums completely right in every detail. And, the more contestants you cover using this method, the greater the complexity of the calculation and the greater the risk of your getting it hopelessly wrong with disastrous financial consequences. Just one small slip, and you're history!

So the dutching principle is simple… but its random application can be hazardous and costly - which is why, beyond covering a couple of horses in the same race, it continues to be largely ignored by the vast majority of punters.

Yet, on the positive side, get it right and you have a magnificent means of consistently landing the winner at stakes and profit levels YOU can engineer around the contestants most likely to win. Moreover, when you do your dutching properly, your winner returns enough to pay back the total you've staked on all the contestants you've covered, in addition to giving you a nice outright profit.

In short, by dutching as many contestants as possible you increase your chances of winning by reducing the competition. Think about it... dutching 6 horses in an 8 horse race means you have only 2 horses running against you. Therefore, how much more likely are you to find the winner?


And, the question arises, are there some events where you could profitably cover ALL the contestants and grab a 100% chance of winning? The short answer is, 'Yes'… but only on those occasions where all the odds in the event add up to an 'under-round' book and, because bookmakers aren't stupid, that doesn't happen everyday - but, take it from me, it does happen! And the great thing is that Multi-Bet Master will always tip you off when it does, so you can dive in and grab your share of loot from a bet that simply cannot lose.

Now it is a fact that with patience and perseverance you could conceivably handball mutiple contestant dutching calculations using pen, paper, and an electronic calculator. But be warned - taking that route is immensely time consuming, fraught with the risk of making costly errors in your calculations, desperately inflexible and unreliable, and in the end is liable to exhaust your will to continue.

You see, the plain facts are these...

To make your multiple contestant dutching calculations a rational and profitable project, you need to be able to easily run a large number of totally accurate tests at high speed to establish which combination of odds and stakes give you the most profitable return. And when you bet by personally visiting or telephoning bookmakers' shops, you also need to be able to accurately round each of your stakes to the nearest whole number of currency - pounds, dollars, euros, etc. - to eliminate the decimal places in your stakes and give you traditional 'normal' stake values such as 1, 2, 3 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, and so on.

When you enter your required return and the odds, Multi-Bet Master instantly generates your stakes in three presentations:

  1. Unrounded (e.g. 3.61), for online betting.
  2. Rounded to the nearest unit of whole number of currency (e.g. 4.00), for both online and offline betting.
  3. Rounded to the nearest 5 units of whole number currency (e.g. 5.00), for both online and offline betting.

And, please note, rounding your stakes isn't simply a matter of your randomly knocking-off the decimal place values, or building them up to the next whole number. You see, if you were to do that you'd almost certainly wreck the overall profitability of your multiple bet. And the worst of it is, chances are you wouldn't know that you'd ruined it until you discovered your winnings were less than the total amount you'd staked. In other words, until you'd made a loss!

But when Multi-Bet Master rounds your stakes it checks how the profitability of your overall multiple bet is affected and then displays a clear message so that right then and there, in a split second, you know whether or not your multiple bet is still profitable and to what extent. If there's a weakness, you see instantly where it is and you can use Multi-Bet Master to target that weakness and to repair it to restore overall profitability.

Make no mistake, this is gambling risk-control that far transcends anything you've ever seen.

It has to be said, because it's true, that the number of repetitive calculations needed before you arrive at a good profitable dutching bet involving 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 contestants can on occasions run well into double figures. And attempting to handle them with just a pocket calculator is a tedious exercise, exposing you to serious risk of loss.

Yet dutching is the only way of betting that can swing the odds of winning more strongly in your favour to guarantee you a profit whichever of your selections wins.

And the safest and easiest way of making dutching
calculations is with the Multi-Bet Master dutching calculator.

In all candour, I can tell you this…

Multi-Bet Master gives you dutching bets which are 100% accurate. It even handles all odds types - fractional, decimal, and US lineage - and you can mix and match all three types of odd in a calculation, which means you can use the Multi-Bet Master dutching calculator with any of the world's bookmakers without needing to understand their odds or worrying about converting them. Just bang them in as you get them and let Multi-Bet Master do all the heavy lifting for you. Easy!

As well as displaying the calculated figures for you to examine, Multi-Bet Master tells you with a Status-Alert flag when your dutching calculations are totally profitable… when, even if they capture the winner, you could lose money… when, even if they capture the winner, you could just breakeven… and when the odds you've entered just cannot be calculated into a profitable dutching bet. So there's no guesswork involved... you have an instant and reliable hard core analysis every time of the true value of your dutching bets.

And get this... simply by changing any odd or altering the value of your stakes and then either clicking your mouse or pressing your PC's 'Enter' key, Multi-Bet Master recalculates all the bets in your dutching analysis faster than you can blink.

That's right... all you ever have to do is to enter the odds for each contestant and then enter ONE single monetary value to represent the total return you wish to receive, from which Multi-Bet Master creates both unrounded and perfectly rounded stakes for all the bets in the calculation to give you a clear and unmistakable report about whether they together make a potentially profitable dutching bet and are worth placing with your chosen bookmakers.

It's fast, it's simple to use, it's ingenious, and it means you can run through multiple repetitive dutching calculations in mere SECONDS. The knock-on result is that you can whizz through the day's qualifying betting information, and place your bets, in very little time!

And don't forget, as well as generating and displaying perfectly balanced unrounded stakes, Multi-Bet Master also displays your stakes automatically rounded to the nearest single and 5 whole number of currency units, and balances them with one another to ensure each bet within fully profitable rounded-stake dutchings, just like unrounded-stake dutchings, returns enough to pay the cost of the total overall amount you've staked on all the contestants covered, as well as giving you an outright profit - whichever of your selections should prove to be the winner.

And, as you'd expect, Multi-Bet Master comes complete with a clearly written User Guide which takes you step-by-step through everything you need to know to get the best results, including how to use the Racing Post web site to find the best odds for your horse racing bets.

So how much does this cost?

Well, I'm a little reluctant to tell you. Not because it's expensive, but because it's quite the reverse!

You see, over the past couple of years it seems everyone who has an interest in betting has launched a betting course, system, or program. Some of them are good, but many tend to over complicate what should be a simple procedure and yet still seem to be sold at high prices.

And none of them match up to the Multi-Bet Master dutching calculator for sheer potential winner-grabbing performance and simplicity of use.

So... given the high strike-rate of Multi-Bet Master, and its ease of use and powerhouse speed of performance, you'd expect the price to match... but it doesn't.

Download it now
for just $79.99

And remember... Multi-Bet Master is NOT available anywhere else.

YOUR 30 Day No-Questions-Asked Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee!

Order Multi-Bet Master now on approval and study it or use it without obligation for the next 30 days.

Try out some bets. (You could even 'dry' bet if you prefer.)

I'm here to give you every help and support to ensure you get the best out of Multi-Bet Master, but if the product doesn't do exactly as described you can have your money back...

No questions asked!

Within the next few hours you could be putting this cutting-edge dutching calculator to work making a profit for you - one step ahead of the bookies and two steps ahead of the crowd!

To get your copy of the amazing Multi-Bet Master... on approval... simply click on the Buy Now button below to enter the secure purchasing environment. It's quick and easy, and once you've made your risk-free payment you'll be taken to a page where you'll find the download link. Click on that and moments later you'll have this truly remarkable product on your computer and ready to go to work for you.

I'm the creator and sole copyright owner of Multi-Bet Master and I'm so confident you'll be thrilled with the product, its speed and ease of use and its ability to create profitable dutching bets almost 'out of thin air' for up to six horses, dogs, or other contestants at a time, that I am personally underwriting the 30 day no quibble guarantee!

Order now, completely risk-free. I know you'll be absolutely delighted.

Best wishes,
Donald Hunting.
Donald Hunting

PS. Remember, there's absolutely no risk for you in this offer. I am here to give you every help and support to ensure you get the best out of Multi-Bet Master, but if the product doesn't do exactly as described you can have your money back. No questions asked.

PPS. Click on the Buy Now button below to get a 24/7 immediate download.

System Requirements: You need a PC with Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet program installed, version 95 or more recent, before you can use the Multi-Bet Master™ software. The 34 page User Guide is a PDF file, for which you'll need the FREE ADOBE ACROBAT READER on your computer. The entire download folder is zipped and you'll need the WinZip tool or similar on your computer to unzip the file before use. Get your FREE TRIAL of WinZip Here. Nothing else to install on your computer. Just launch Excel, open Multi-Bet Master, and you're on your way to a wonderful adventure!

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